Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Love’s Farm House aspires to be a place of connection, cohesion and belonging, where neighbours become friends, residents become a community and everyone can be part of the story.


All those involved in the development and management of Love’s Farm House aspire to create something that we can be truly proud of, which supports and represents a strong, caring community. We have developed a set of values that represent this desire, act as guiding principles to our decision-making and are at the very heart of all our activities.

  • Inclusivity – we seek the active participation of residents, the wider community and partners to ensure the success of the centre. Love’s Farm House embraces the values of non-discrimination, diversity and equality for all and will welcome new ideas and new volunteers who share its vision and mission.
  • Kindness – we want to ensure that everyone feels welcome and able to participate; all those who represent Love’s Farm House will treat others with thoughtfulness and respect.
  • Community Cohesion – developing strong, supportive connections across the community and generations is essential and will be achieved through an imaginative and inspiring programme of activities, events and support services.
  • Democracy and Accountability – a clear structure, legal framework and decision-making process is in place; feedback is actively sought, opinions are listened to and criticism is valued. The charity is accountable to the community it serves and to the Charity Commission.
  • Financial sustainability – to ensure the future success of Love’s Farm House it is essential that the charity is financially stable and financial practices transparent, especially in relation to potential conflicts of interest.
  • Celebrating success – recognising the work of volunteers to ensure they are valued and supported; without volunteers the centre would not exist.

Mission Statement

To realise our vision and uphold our values we will endeavour to:

  • Create a safe, comfortable, welcoming, well-maintained environment for local community use where the facilities and service match high expectations.
  • Offer a diverse and imaginative calendar of activities and services (educational, recreational, cultural, social) that reflect the developing needs of our community, enhance well-being and nurture community cohesion.
  • Actively support and organise activities and services for members of the community with the greatest need, or who might otherwise be overlooked.
  • Ensure long-term sustainability by establishing a strong team of committed trustees and volunteers.
  • Ensure financial sustainability by generating income through hire of the facilities to cover the running costs of the centre.
  • Maintain an equitable booking policy with different tariffs that reflect our values, promote inclusion and ensure maximum use of the space by as many people as possible.
  • Limit environmental impact through the careful selection of suppliers, products and services.
  • Develop partnerships to build positive relationships to enhance the community centre.
  • Ensure transparency in the on-going operations and management of Love’s Farm House and actively encourage feedback to ensure that the centre is meeting the needs of its beneficiaries
  • Create a legacy that people will be proud to continue to develop for future residents and users.

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