This website

BenHi, my name is Ben Pitt, and I’m the chair of trustees for Love’s Farm House. I’m part of a team of local residents who have come together to form a charity that will manage the community centre when it opens. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes for the last year – some of us for much longer – to get to where we are now. With construction due to start in a few days, we hope to have a more visible presence and improve communication between volunteers and the residents of St Neots.

We’ll use this website during the construction phase to post updates on progress – not just of the building but also what our team of volunteers is up to, and what you can expect to see happening at the centre when it opens in late summer 2015.

We want to hear from you too. Please get in touch at to tell us what you want from the centre, ask questions, perhaps even to get involved. Once construction is complete, it’s down to us residents to manage the centre, filling it with the services and activities we want, paying the bills, hiring staff and making sure that it covers its costs. We’re already making key decisions about how it will be run, but there’s lots to do still. The best way to influence these decisions and plans is to get involved.