Loving Earth Project Gallery Exhibition

Love’s Farm House has teamed up with other venues across St Neots to display over 100 handmade fabric panels from the Loving Earth Project.

Originating in Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), the exhibition is now travelling around the country, celebrating some of the wonderful things on our planet which are being threatened by growing environmental breakdown: the people, places, creatures and other things we love.

The project aims to help people engage creatively with the issues, without being overwhelmed. Whatever our starting point, our actions affect the wider environment. The Loving Earth exhibition encourages us to think about how we each might help to reduce the threats to the world we love.

Everyone can join in, using the exhibition as a catalyst to think about how we can make changes in our everyday habits and help to preserve the wonderful natural world we live in. You can make your own textile panel, use the online resources to explore the issues further, or draw / write your response to the central questions, either on paper or on the green heart postcards in the Foyer. You can upload your responses to social media via Loving Earth’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

Once you’ve been inspired by the panels at Love’s Farm House, why not visit the exhibitions across St Neots? You can find more panels at St Neots Museum, Art & Soul Cafe, the Refill Shop, St Neots Library, Berkeley Street Methodist Church and our neighbours, Round House and Wintringham Primary Academies, from 20th October to 20th November 2022.