The Hall Gets a Refresh thanks to Tesco & GENCO Construction Services

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Tesco and GENCO Construction Services for repainting the Love’s Farm House hall!

When Tesco planned their refurbishment of the Tesco Express store on Love’s Farm, they reached out to us to find out whether Love’s Farm House could benefit from any redecorating at the same time. We were more than happy to say yes!

The paint in the hall was looking very scuffed and faded. Most of the hall hadn’t been repainted since the building opened in 2015 because the walls were too high to access, even with a ladder.

Tesco and GENCO Construction kindly provided a team of workers, as well as a scissor lift, to repaint the hall from top to bottom. They went above and beyond the call of duty by fitting the work into the gaps in our schedule so that none of our activities were disrupted.

The work was finished just in time for everyone to enjoy at the Valentine’s Disco!

Jenny Bishop, General Manager of Love’s Farm House, said “we are incredibly grateful to Tesco and GENCO for supporting us with this project and helping to maintain this great space for everyone in our community to use.”

Have a look at our What’s On Guide or Events page to find out when you can come along and make the most of our refreshed hall.