Love’s Farm House Time Capsule

Time CapsuleOn Saturday 24 October during the Love’s Farm Expo, we are burying a time capsule in the garden at Love’s Farm House. Join us and be part of the story. Take an envelope (a dinner money envelope 90x65mm) and fill it with your Time Treasure.

For example:

  • a photo of you, your family, your house
  • a drawing by you or your children
  • a newspaper or magazine cutting
  • a coin
  • a message to the future or a
    question to ask
  • a story about how you moved here
  • a small, everyday object
  • your own idea

Bring your Time Treasure to Love’s Farm House (17 Kester Way) by 5pm on Saturday 24 October. It’s all about you and your life on Love’s Farm for a future generation to discover.