Thank you

We launch tomorrow, so now feels like a good time to thank some people.

First, to Philip Gibbs and all at LFCA past and present for keeping up the pressure and making sure that Love’s Farm got the community centre it deserved. To George Yazigi, Ed Norton and Colin Chaplin, who along with me (Ben) formed a subteam back in January 2014 to develop plans and liaise with HDC. To Mark Houston and Chris Allen, and later, Bill Tilah, Dan Smith, Joanne McMullough and Chris Stopford at HDC, who had the dubious pleasure of handling all our demands for the building. To Paul Dickens, Tim Jackson and all at Lakeview Village Hall for giving us some much-needed pointers as to what’s involved in launching and managing a community centre.

To our intake of volunteers in April 2014: Caroline Gregson, Claire Renwick, Rosie Ferguson, Rebecca Mitton, Emma Lovelock, Judith Sampson, Sarah Bentley, Emma Stevens, Annabel van Nieuwkerk, Sally Tilley, Kirsty Pitt, Maria Russo, Susi Cracroft, Caroline Henderson, Chris Pritchard, Cornelia Lucian and Femke Millership, all of whom have played or continue to play a vital role in shaping the community centre project. To Mandy Reeve, Maria Russo, Mennel Welch, Emma Lovelock and Matt Gooderham, who contributed to the design of our kitchen.

To Kim Burrows, Katie Baldwin, Carolyn O’Donell, Tegan Ryan, Nicky Dahl and all at BPHA for their on-going support. To Alan Turner and all at Hunts Forum for their training sessions, expert advice and moral support. To the dozens of county, district and town councillors who have argued our case, have given us financial backing and helped us in innumerable other ways. To Ed Reilly, Kevin Matthews, Donna Cooke, Katrina Conroy, Sue Ritchie and all at the St Neots Town Council office for all the times I’ve phoned up, turned up and generally made a nuisance of myself with complicated requests. To Sarah Gosling and all at WREN for their generous support and coping with even more complicated questions and requests.

To our founding trustees – Caroline Gregson, George Yazigi (and me) – followed by nine more a few months later: Claire Renwick, Judith Sampson, Rosie Ferguson, Helene Tame, Eleanor Whalley, David Ruff, Barry Chapman, Emma Lovelock and Rebecca Mitton. To Anne Jones at Pippins and Jacqui Huckle and Gerald Clutterbuck at 19 for their invaluable guidance on the subject of community coffee shops. To Adam Livermore and all at Atkins for designing such a fabulous building, and for welcoming our contributions to the design. To Lee Davis, Andy Gale, Paul Evans, Marc Jeffries, Andy Holland, Jason Davenport and the hundreds of other people who were involved in construction.

To all our regular hirers and session providers: Keela Shackell-Smith, Sarah Morgan, Lucy Knights, Anna Crompton, Katy North, Sarah Knights, Rebecca Mitton, Penny Marsh, Nicky Booth, Nicky Munro, Emily Smith, Declan Tonks, Helene Tame, Karen Dickinson, Jenny Barrett, Amy Barron, Max O’Keefe, Annie Morton, Sue Batchelor, Vicki White, Angie Robertson, Mark Hawking and Catherine Fairholm. Can’t wait to get started.

To Patryk Gacorysiak, Damian Wawrzyniak, Anna and Steve Thompson and especially Ross Millership and Rebecca Mitton for building acoustic panels into the early hours, night after night over the last week. To Caroline Gregson and Judith Sampson for stepping up to do the jobs no one else wants to do. To Eleanor Whalley for being wise and hilarious. To Jonathan, Helene and all the Tame family for their dedication and positive energy. To Rebecca Mitton and David Ruff for being frighteningly hardworking and efficient, particularly over the last month. To Emma Lovelock for bringing her wealth of experience and dedication to everything she does. To Marcus Pickering, who has been a constant source of wisdom and support for Love’s Farm House and so many other projects in and around Love’s Farm.

To Kirsty, Bethany, Finn, Hattie, Margaret and James Pitt for their love, support and generosity in allowing me to be a very distracted husband/father/son over the last couple of years, and to the families of all our volunteers.

I hope it’s been worth it. We find out tomorrow!

Let’s Make Bunting

ButningEveryone loves bunting, right? And what better bunting could there be than Love’s Farm Bunting?

Bring your pre-loved items of clothing to the Love’s Farm House Launch Festival on Saturday 24 October and we will turn it into a piece of bunting to decorate our fantastic new venue. It might be a favourite top that’s getting a bit tatty, a band t-shirt that you never wear but can’t bring yourself to throw away, or perhaps something that the kids have grown out of. This is your chance to turn it into something everyone can appreciate for years to come.

The bunting production line can be found in the hall from 4pm to 6pm on Saturday. See you then!

Love’s Farm House Time Capsule

Time CapsuleOn Saturday 24 October during the Love’s Farm Expo, we are burying a time capsule in the garden at Love’s Farm House. Join us and be part of the story. Take an envelope (a dinner money envelope 90x65mm) and fill it with your Time Treasure.

For example:

  • a photo of you, your family, your house
  • a drawing by you or your children
  • a newspaper or magazine cutting
  • a coin
  • a message to the future or a
    question to ask
  • a story about how you moved here
  • a small, everyday object
  • your own idea

Bring your Time Treasure to Love’s Farm House (17 Kester Way) by 5pm on Saturday 24 October. It’s all about you and your life on Love’s Farm for a future generation to discover.

Launch Festival: Full Details

It’s just a few days to go until Love’s Farm House opens its doors for the very first time. Here’s the low-down on activities you can take part in during our Launch Festival week (plus a few that start the week after). A huge thanks to St Neots Town Council and our session providers for helping us offer the majority of Launch Festival events for free.

Saturday 24 October

LFH LFCASaturday 4pm: Love’s Farm Expo

Our first event is your chance to see the building, meet the people who will be hosting activities and find out about the projects Love’s Farm Community Association (LFCA) is running across Love’s Farm. There will be craft activities, a barbecue and we’ll be burying a time capsule in the garden. Please bring your submissions for the time capsule (must fit into a 90x55mm envelope) by 5pm. Please bring a pre-loved item of clothing to turn into bunting to decorate our venue.

At 6pm we’ll be hosting the LFCA AGM. There’ll be a couple of speeches and voting in of the chair, secretary and treasurer. It’s a great opportunity to find out what LFCA does and how you can get involved.

At 6:30pm there’ll be live music from Parson’s Nose followed by the LFCA Community Champion Awards, a barn dance and disco until midnight, so bring your dancing shoes.

Sunday 25 October

Breakfast ChurchSunday 10-11:30am: Breakfast Church
Always free

come when you can, leave when you need to, come back if you want

Hosted by Helene, the Love’s Farm Community Chaplain, Breakfast Church welcomes all ages to come and eat breakfast, read the papers, explore questions about life, faith and doubt and consider how an ancient story relates today.
Contact Helene on 07938 803501 or email

BigHero6-1000pxSunday 2pm: Film screening: Big Hero 6
Free Launch Festival event

An action-packed comedy-adventure from the team behind Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph. This Certificate PG film will be shown for free as part of our launch week festivities.

Seats allocated on first-come-first served basis. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Monday 26 October

HartbeepsMonday 9:30am, 10:30am & 11:30am: Hartbeeps
Free tasters in launch week, £6.50 thereafter (£5.50 in advance)

Multi-sensory, developmentally directed, musical storytelling sessions for small people and their grown ups. Designed by experts, fuelled by magic, delivered with love.

  • 9.30am Happy House – toddlers to five years
  • 10.30am Baby Beeps – sitting to walking
  • 11.30am Baby Bells – newborn to sitting
Contact Anna on 07903 142 133, to reserve your place.

NCT YogaMonday 3pm: NCT Mother & Baby Yoga
Free taster session in launch week, £10 thereafter (normally at 1:15pm)

Sessions for women from six weeks after birth, gentle yoga-based exercises for mums and babies to do together.
Contact Jenny on 01480 215658 or email to reserve your place.

Pop MoversMonday 4:45pm: Pop Movers
Free taster session in launch week, £4.50 thereafter (normally at 4:15pm)

A 45-minute dance class for boys and girls aged 5-9. Start with a fun and energetic warm up and then learn a dance routine to your favourite pop songs. Pop Movers is the perfect opportunity for children to have fun, build confidence and make friends.
Contact Amy on 07825 331453 or email to reserve your place.

At Peace YogaMonday 7pm: At Peace Yoga
Free taster session in launch week, £7.50 thereafter (booked in nine week blocks, £9 drop-in)

Yoga for everyone, all ages and abilities, incorporating breathing exercises, movement (asana), meditation and relaxation. Taught by a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist.
Contact Rebecca on 07789 175009 or email to reserve your place.

Tuesday 27 October

Baby SensoryTuesday 10am & 11:15am: Baby Sensory
Free tasters in launch week, 9 weeks at £58.50 thereafter (normally 10 at £65)

Baby Sensory introduces you and your baby to a world of rich and varied sensory experiences through a wide range of creative, imagination and exciting activities and tools, all to encourage learning and development in those precious early months.
Contact Sarah Knights on 07921 29937, email or visit the website to reserve your place.

4 Seasons FitnessTuesday 1:30pm & 2:15pm: 4SF Bootcamp
Free tasters in launch week, £5 thereafter on Thursdays at 1:30pm (6th session is free)

4 Seasons Fitness will be bringing a Bootcamp to Love’s Farm. The session will always be challenging but the instructor will cater for all abilities and help you work towards any goals.
Contact Max on 07862 726276 or email to reserve your place.

Everyone HealthStarting Tuesday 10 November, 1:30pm:
Everyone Health Adult Weight Management
Free (book in advance through your GP or self-referral)

Nutrition and exercise based group session for overweight adults looking to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.
Call Vicki on 01223 941150 / 07834 173726 or email for more information.

Pilates ProfessionalTuesday 7pm & 8pm: Pilates Professional
First class free (must be booked in advance), £78 for 12 classes thereafter

Annie Morton’s Pilates classes will help you to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain, improve your posture, flexibility and strengthen your abdominal core muscles.
Contact Annie on 01480 474 363 or email to reserve your place.

Wednesday 28 October

LFH coffee cupWednesday 9am-12pm: Farm House Coffee Morning

Pop in for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cake, lovingly baked and served in the foyer by our team of volunteers.

Music For Little PeopleWednesday 9:30am & 10:30am: Music For Little People
Free tasters in launch week, £7:50 thereafter (normally at 9:45-10:45am and 10:45-11:30am)

Award winning classes build the foundations of learning through music with colourful props and puppets. Delivered by qualified teachers.
Call Karen on 01480 812469 or email to reserve your place.

At Peace YogaWednesday 10:30am: At Peace Yoga
Free taster session in launch week, £7.50 thereafter (booked in nine week blocks, £9 drop-in)

Yoga for everyone, all ages and abilities, incorporating breathing exercises, movement (asana), meditation and relaxation. Taught by a British Wheel of Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist.
Contact Rebecca on 07789 175009 or email to reserve your place.

Children's CentreWednesday 1:30pm: Love’s Farm Starlings
Always free

A drop-in session with play based activities that change weekly, regular baby weighing with a Health Visitor and monthly visits from JobCentrePlus.
Contact St Neots Rural Childrens Centre, 01480 357540, for more information.

Starting Wednesday 4 November 6:30pm: Youth Club

A new youth club for school years 8 to 11 (ages 12-16). Watch this space for more information.

Mad MaxWednesday 7pm: Film screening: Mad Max Fury Road
Free Launch Festival event

The 2015 reboot of George Miller’s deranged post-apocalyptic saga, starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. This Certificate 15 film will be shown for free as part of our launch week festivities.

Seats allocated on first-come-first served basis.

Thursday 29 October

My Pet Monster and MeThursday 11:30am & 2:30pm: My Pet Monster and Me!
£2 in advance

Sophie Bucket lives on a farm with her Dad. She spends all of her time day-dreaming, but most of her time alone. If only she had a little friend to share her adventures. One day, Sophie finds an egg. She keeps it warm, and out pops a cuddly, toothy, burpy, baby MONSTER!   And so, the fun begins…

Brought to life by acclaimed Blunderbus Theatre, this is a very funny show especially for little monsters aged 3-7 and their grown-ups.

Thanks to the generous support from St Neots Town Council, we’re able to bring you this fabulous show for just £2 per person. Last remaining tickets available in person from Love’s Farm House (2:30pm show only) – please call 01480 262626. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Brownies GuidesStarting Thursday 5 November 6pm and 7:30pm

Love’s Farm Brownies and Guides move into their new home.

Email for more information.

Friday 30 October

Switch NowStarting Friday 6 November 9:30am: Switch Now

Switch Now aims to provide young adults with learning difficulties / disabilities supported training and work experience to develop employment skills, with the objective to be ‘work ready’. We aim to work collaboratively with the local community and partner organisations to identify the opportunities for employment, aiming for inclusive places of work, with a mutual benefit to both employer and employee.
Contact Mark on 07518 795301, or Catherine on 07518 795370, for more information.

St Neots LibraryFriday 10:30am: Baby and Toddler Rhymetime
Free taster session in launch week, £1 thereafter (first Thursday of the month at 2:15pm)

Action rhymes and songs for babies and toddlers to enjoy, courtesy of our friends at St Neots Library.

Contact St Neots Library on 0345 045 5225 for more information.

K Dance and FitnessFriday 6:15pm: Burlesque Fitness
Free taster session in launch week, £5 thereafter

A fun and mischievous exercise class combining a cardio work out and burlesque tease.

Friday 7:30pm: Farm House Bar

Good beer, fine wine and the finest company you could hope for, every Friday in the foyer.

Quiz nightFriday 8pm: Love’s Farm Quiz
£1 per person

The LFCA monthly quiz returns in its new home at the Farm House Bar. Emma is your quizmaster this month, so it’s probably worth brushing up on Eastenders plots. The bar will be open so no more bring-your-own-bottle.

Saturday 31 October

The Katy North Academy of Dance and CheerSaturday 9:30am: Rosettes Dance Class
Free taster session in launch week, £4 thereafter

Street/Pop dance mixed with ballroom and Latin for kids ages 4-6 years.
Contact Katy on 07500 875060 or email to reserve your place.

The Katy North Academy of Dance and CheerSaturday 10am: Junior Street Dance
Free taster session in launch week, £5.50 thereafter

Street dance for kids aged 7-10 years.
Contact Katy on 07500 875060 or email to reserve your place.

Halloween DiscoSaturday 6-10pm: Halloween Family Disco
£1 in advance

Get ready for an evening of spooky fun and ghoulish goings on at the Farm House. There’ll be games for younger children from 6pm and a chance for kids and adults of all ages to strut their freakiest moves from 7pm. Fancy dress encouraged but not essential.

Tickets cost £1 and are available in advance from Love’s Farm House throughout launch week (from 24 October). Children must be accompanied by an adult.

We are hiring: Community Centre Caretaker

Love’s Farm House requires a part-time caretaker to assist the trustees to run the centre.

We are looking for someone with the following skills and qualities:

  • a willingness to work flexibly and the ability to self-manage workload
  • may be required to respond quickly to incidents so preferably resident near Love’s Farm House
  • practical DIY skills to carry out minor repairs
  • the ability to supervise cleaning staff and manage contractors
  • awareness of health, safety, security and hygiene issues
  • good problem solving skills
  • good communication skills

Approximately 10 hours per week (including weekends) though may vary depending upon booking schedules. £8 per hour.

To apply for this position please send a brief CV and covering letter setting out why you believe you would be suitable for this role to

If you do not receive a reply within two weeks please assume that your application has not been successful.

My Pet Monster and Me! – tickets on sale now

My Pet Monster and Me!Join us down on the farm for adventures with Sophie and her new friend George, the most lovable baby monster in the land! But when a little monster just keeps on GROWING, there’s big trouble ahead! With puppetry, music and songs, this hilarious new show promises plenty of laughs for kids aged 3-7 and their grown ups.

We’re hosting two performances of this magical theatre performance at Love’s Farm House on Thursday 29 October at 11:30am and 2:30pm.

Tickets costs £2 per person (a subsidised price as part of our launch celebrations). Babies on laps are free.

Update… just a few tickets remaining for 2:30pm only. Please call 01480 262626 or email to arrange collection in person.

Launch Festival Announced

Love’s Farm House will open its doors in October with a week of celebrations.

We start on Saturday 24th October 2015 at 4pm with the Love’s Farm Expo. It’s your chance to see the building, meet the people who will be hosting activities and find out about all the projects LFCA is running across Love’s Farm. There’ll be craft activities, a barbecue, face painting and we’ll be burying a time capsule in the garden. From 6:30pm there’ll be live music, the LFCA Community Champion Awards, a barn dance and disco, so wear your dancing shoes!

BigHero6-1000pxOn Sunday 25th at 2pm we’ll be screening Big Hero 6, an action-packed comedy-adventure from the team behind Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph. This will be free to attend as part of launch celebrations.

There will be free taster classes throughout the week, showcasing activities that will be available at Love’s Farm House. On Monday we have Hartbeeps and Yoga. Tuesday is Baby Sensory and the Love’s Farm Youth Club. Wednesday will be the first of our coffee mornings in the foyer, plus more Yoga and Little Starlings under-5s drop in.

My Pet Monster and Me!

On Thursday 29th we bring you
My Pet Monster and Me!
 Brought to life by acclaimed Blunderbus Theatre, this show is especially for little monsters aged 3-7 and their grown-ups. Performances are at 11:30am and 2:30pm. Tickets are £2 and will be available shortly.

On Friday morning St Neots Library brings Baby and Toddler Rhymetime to Love’s Farm. Later that day we have a Burlesque Fitness free taster class, and the LFCA Love’s Farm Quiz takes up its new residency at the Farm House Bar, which will be open every Friday evening.

Halloween DiscoOn Saturday morning there are taster Street Dance classes for 4-6 and 7-10 year olds. And on Saturday evening we round up our launch week with a Family Halloween Disco. Tickets cost £1 and will be available throughout launch week. Start planning your costumes now!

We’ll be open for business as usual from Monday 2 November – full calendar of events coming soon. Get in touch at to enquire about private hire for parties.